Avril Lavigne Joins Forces with LymeLight Foundation

Every year for my birthday, I ask my fans to give back to others in need. This year, I am again raising funds to support a cause that’s very important to me personally: helping people with Lyme Disease – who could not otherwise afford treatment – get the care they need. 

The Avril Lavigne Foundation is again partnering with LymeLight Foundation to raise funds to provide treatment grants to children with Lyme disease. Only a small percent of people get the early diagnosis and treatment that is so important in fighting the disease. Most insurance companies do not cover the treatment of chronic Lyme disease. Families are often left on their own to battle the disease often incurring enormous medical debt. LymeLight Foundation's mission is to provide grants to enable eligible children and young adults with Lyme disease to receive proper treatment and medication as well as raising awareness about Lyme disease. 

My goal is to raise $50,000 to help more children receive proper treatment and medications in their fight against Lyme disease.

Every donation is significant and goes directly to these children unable to lead a normal life due to their suffering with Lyme disease. My birthday wish, with the support of my fans, is for hope and healing to these families.


Thank you donors
Momoko Sugita : $75
Happy Birthday Avril!! Thank you for letting us participate in this wonderful project this year too! Love u so much.
Dominic Cannizzaro : $100
Happy Birthday and hope you reach your goal!
Norman Wright : $100
Great work!
Avrilish JP : $10
Happy belated Birthday Avril! Thank you for giving us such a great opportunity every year. We are so proud of you. xo
BJ Rens : $10
I hope it helps (:
Kyoko Saito : $25
Live Nation Merchandise : $10,000
Tamara Alida Baar : $10
  : $75
Hiro Santos : $10
Happy Birthday Avril! I'm glad to join your campaign again. I always support you. Hope we can help children and young adults who fight against Lyme disease.
Alexandr Lobov : $10
every coin helps
Patrick Foster : $50
Love you Avril , U rock. Happy Birthday . Love from Bombay, India. Nikita.
Luca Paindelli : $10
Justin Ammons : $100
Chuck Rock : $50
Himiyo Yanagida : $50
Happy Birthday Avril!! I'm so glad to be part of this great cause. I'm always with you!! xoxo
Kim Hatchard : $75
I’m happy to have the chance to give back and help :)
Annalisa Torina : $100
Oleg Vasilenko : $50
I'm so glad to help your great foundation! Thank you, Avril, for such an opportunity :)
Patrick King : $25
Hope the goal is reached.. Love you sweetie. XP
Glenn Evans : $10
Clara Moreira Campos : $500
Mark Payne : $100
Jerwilyn Ramirez : $10
Happy Birthday Avril!Just wanna share my love and support.
Stefano Ferrari : $25
Zoe McDevitt : $10
Erin Perlman : $75
Happy Birthday and thank you for all that you do to raise awareness and funds for the Lyme community! (from a fellow Lymie!)
Karl Keller : $100
Janvi Prasad : $50
Masahiro Uesugi : $10
Happy birthday Avril.
Jeff Stacey : $25
Massimo Fabbio : $10
Thank you again to my dad for this donation, and happy belated birthday Avril!! Hope that may people can receive treatments for Lyme disease.
Jessica Wolf : $10
Andrej Morlang : $1,000
omar aladryse : $10
Patrick King : $50
Michael Hoiles : $500
donald croushore : $25
Jennifer Rose : $25
Thank you so much, I'll always be one of your biggest fans, & Happy Birthday Avril!
JANVI Prasad : $50
Thank You Avril for doing this, there aren’t many people nowadays who do good so thank you for being one of the few. Love you heaps.
Jeremy GONCALVES : $10
Cameron Walton : $10
Wilfried Van Acker : $200
Alexandr Lobov : $10
Clara Moreira Campos : $50
Peggy Tail : $10
We've all got choices.
Andre Marcel Bernutat : $10
Sara Taberna : $10
Andrej Morlang : $50
Andrej Morlang : $25
Greg Aziz : $33
Eeva Ikonen : $500
Nicholas Butlak : $100
I'm glad I'm able to support this cause. I cannot imagine how difficult it would be to face the kinds of challenges that these children and young adults face. Thanks Avril for what you do ????
Rhamonn Felippe Jacques : $100
Anonymous : $10
Daniele Bergamaschi : $50
Yannick Thoy : $50
Herbert Blumberg : $25
Janko Juršic : $50
Hopefully my piece of the puzzle will make some difference...
Chiara Uccello : $50
May your wish come true!
lasse hallengreen : $10
Shinnosuke Nishikawa : $100
I will be happy if I can be of any help.
Hirotake Ichii : $10
Happy happy 33rd birthday & come back to Japan with your new album ASAP!!
Nick Pierog : $100
Happy birthday You beautiful goddess Avril?! You are such a wonderful and giving person and I am honored to be part of a truly wonderful cause! I love You forever!
Janet Chuah : $25
Murphy Tracy : $10
Trying to help as much as I can.
Nico Harold Astono : $50
Happy happiest birthday Avril! Your kindness always make me proud as your fans :)
Patrick King : $1
Happy Birthday Sweetie.. I wish it could be more but it's all I have.... :)
Caroline Zuckerman : $25
Happy Birthday to my girlfriend's favorite artist! ??
Haziela Latif : $10
happy birthday avril!!! rock on!!
Kristian Attfield : $50
Happy Birthday Avril. I'm speechless. I just seem to be getting a bit more and a bit more famous.
Matthew Renaud : $10
Juned Monnan : $100
every little helps :-)
Tanja Rauch : $10
Happy Birthday! Can't believe that I'm supporting you half of my life! Time passed so fast with u by my side. Wishing you all the best and a life full of joy ? love u!
James Torgerson : $50
Happ Birthday Avril!
Luciana Bernabe : $10
Happy birthday, Avril! Love you! xoxo
Diane Halvorsen : $75
Avril, thanks for everything!
Spencer Post : $10
Francesco Schiavelli : $25
Un piccolo contributo fatto con cuore ??
Jeff Gern : $100
Medebriques Mede : $10
Jewel MacNeil : $50
Happy birthday Avril! Thank you so much for being such an amazing inspiration!
steve upshall : $100
Happy birthday Avril
steve upshall : $50
Happy birthday Avril <3
steve upshall : $10
Happy birthday Avril
Erik Meskanen : $10
Have an unforgettable birthday, Avril! :)
Alexandr Lobov : $10
Hope, this'll help at least a little
Karen Paulsen : $100
Albert Vega Ortiz : $25
Happy birthday Avril! I hope you have an amazing day!! Enjoy it with your family and friends!! Kisses from your spanish fan! :-)
Tsutomu Furukawa : $10
Thank you , Avril. I love you.

Regrettably, the residents of certain countries will be unable to enter the Promotion for a variety of reasons, which include local sweepstakes laws and compliance legislation. These countries/provinces are Burma/Myanmar, Cuba, Iran, Libya, North Korea, Sudan, Syria, Quebec, Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Jordan, Lebanon, Qatar, Yemen and all African nations with the exception of South Africa. Other countries are void where prohibited. Contact us for terms and conditions.

Funds raised: $16,069 Goal: $50,000


The Prizes

All donors donating $10 or more will be entered into drawings to win amazing new prizes. See below for donation prize packs and help us help children and young adults fight Lyme disease. Good luck everyone! 

R.O.C.K.S. – Donations at $10 will be entered into a drawing to win a Foundation T-shirt. (25 chances to win)
Donate Now for a Chance to Win This Prize

OVERCOME– Donations at $25 will be entered into a drawing to win a Foundation Hoodie. (25 chances to win)
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STRENGTH – Donations at $50 will be entered into a drawing to win an autographed discography, personalized NEW 8x10 image, and Foundation T-shirt. (1 chance to win)
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ABBEY DAWN – Donations at $75 will be entered into a drawing to win an Abbey Dawn Hoodie, Abbey Dawn T-shirt, Abbey Dawn Hat, Abbey Dawn Tote Bag, and Abbey Dawn Sticker Pack. (1 chance to win)
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POWER – Donations at $100 will be entered into a drawing to win an autographed set of 3 new vinyl albums (Let Go, Under My Skin, The Best Damn Thing), personalized NEW 8x10 image, Foundation Hoodie, and Foundation T-shirt. (1 chance to win) 
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STARTING FRESH – Donations at $500 or more will be entered into a drawing to win a private 10-minute phone call with Avril, TALF twitter fan shout out, personalized NEW 8x10 image, Foundation hoodie, and Foundation t-shirt. (2 chances to win)
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Avril Lavigne’s birthday campaign will be open for donations until October 27, 2017. Winners will be determined from all eligible entries received during random drawings conducted by LymeLight Foundation. Winners will be notified by email by November 10, 2017. Prizes will be fulfilled by December 31, 2017.